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Winter Solstice 2020

Have you ever wondered why you hear people mention “Winter Solstice”? It could be because the winter solstice is the day of the year with the fewest hours of daylight.

The first day of winter in the Northern Hemisphere is marked by the winter solstice. This annual event will occur this year on Monday, December 21st at 2:02 AM PST.

After the winter solstice, days start becoming longer and nights shorter as spring approaches.

I find that when the days seem so so short we usually think of it as a dreaded thing. But if you live on the North Shore, having more time to gaze out at the lights of the city or the lights off the ski slopes may not be so bad. So take a walk from your apartment in North Vancouver, this Winter Solstice eve and enjoy the beauty that the evening sky can bring.