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Transforming your den into a “Walk-in Pantry”

One of the best things about an Apartment Living lifestyle is the ability to convert any empty space into something functional. How about a space to reflect what you’re most passionate about; in this case, it’s Cooking!

By transforming the den in your apartment into a walk-in pantry you can keep your home and kitchen area organized while utilizing the space for storage.

Here are a few simple steps to achieve this DIY project.

Step 1

Start by adding floating shelves and cabinets along the walls according to your storage needs. Fill the shelves with glass jars. A selection of pastas, herbs, and condiments is a great start. Creating and adding colourful labels make your storage jars and containers not only organized and easy to use but also fun to do.

Beautiful plates, glasses, cups or even uniformed canned foods can be neatly arranged and stored on the top shelves are a great decorative touch. Racks for pots and pans, small appliances like blenders and toasters will help to save counter space, plus add character to the look.


Step 2

Place your favourite carpet in the middle of your new pantry. A stylish lamp helps add a personal touch. You may even want to add an artificial plant or two.


Step 3

Save a shelf for a collection of cookbooks. You can find the latest and most popular chef’s books at Chapters, Williams Sonoma, or online at stores like Anthropologie.

Hint … Anthropologies has a fantastic kitchen and dining section to go shopping in.


Step 4

Bulk-sized groceries and other larger items can be concealed and stored in storage boxes and placed on the lower shelves. Easy to reach is your goal with this step.


Step 5

Create a personal and professional vibe in your pantry by channelling famous chefs or decorators such as Martha Stewart, Chrissy Teigen, or Nigella Lawson.

As you can see, a walk-in pantry creates a place of function and beauty for all your kitchen needs. Now that your place is decluttered and organized, you can focus on things that matter, like Family Dinner Parties!


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